Ineda exclusive Soft Skills training & Leadership workshops aim to improve the communication skills and inculcate leadership qualities in your employees as well as sharpen their customer interactions

Communication Skills

Ineda firmly believes that the way one communicates with others ultimately influences the quality of their life. Our extensive communication training program covers different aspects of communication ranging from English grammar and Phonetics to verbal, non-verbal as well as written modes of communication. In addition, based on your target market, we also conduct culture studies for that specific region.

Sales & Marketing

Ineda understands the nitty-gritty and finer nuances of sales and marketing strategies. From prospecting and opportunity management to consultative selling, negotiation, account development, and sales management, our suite of sales training programs has you covered. Our sales program can be customized taking your target market into consideration. This program aims to increase the efficiency of your sales personnel leading to an increased output of sales in your company.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are essential in any social setup. Our specialized program on interpersonal skills helps in improving your employees’ relationships between each others. Qualities such as empathy, listening skills and professional ethics are given importance in this module which helps in developing a positive vibe at your workplace.

After all, who doesn't like to work at a happy place? A happy place is definitely a productive place too.

Customize your training

If you feel your organization needs to be trained in a particular skill set, we can customize your training module with the relevant topics. Alternatively, our qualified set of trainers can perform a TNI (Training Needs Identification) in your organization thereby identifying the problem areas and planning out a training program for them accordingly.

So what are you waiting for?

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