• We Inspire, encourage, mentor, and support passionate Entrepreneurs and incubate, invest, accelerate, operate and sustain startups
  • Investments are primarily focused in early and growth stage startups and include optional engagements on the boards, incubation and other infrastructure and management support.
  • We also partner with like-minded co-founders and provide IP as well as financial, strategy and technology support to launch and grow the startups

Our Goals

  • To act as a “sounding board” for new ideas. To mentor and coach entrepreneurs in developing the ventures
  • To invest or help in raising capital for the ventures
  • To provide support and guidance in setting up and scaling their venture in the areas of legal and accounting, sales and marketing, infrastructure, operational, technical and business support
  • To share best practices among the portfolio companies


Our Offerings:

  • Idea & Concept
  • Business Model
  • Business Plan

Network Effect:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Cross Selling

Advisory Capital:

  • Strategy development
  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Board position


  • Board of directors
  • Board of advisors

Financial Capital:

  • Angel round
  • Series A / B
  • VC / PE

Incubation / Acceleration:

  • Infrastructure, Facilities, Technology
  • Marketing, Marcom, Biz Development
  • Statutory, Legal & Accounting

The Ineda team is a growing group of entrepreneurial and investment experts who bring experience, vision and passion. We have built our own companies or businesses, had prior investments, participate in several international networks, across multiple geographies, and can leverage these connections to help, guide, support and fund emerging start-ups.

We focus on early stage ventures. We work with the entrepreneurs to help their businesses get to the next level. This might involve helping the business with their strategy, sales, marketing, funding, operations or even hiring. Some of these may be directly done by us while in other cases we would introduce them to the right resources (Lawyer/CA/HNIs/Strategic Investors/ VCs/I Banks/global networks).

We are also constantly looking for like-minded passionate entrepreneurs who are looking for the right idea or business to lead to the next level. We see them as potential partners and prospective CEOs of our existing portfolio start-ups and are very keen to hear to them.

Any entrepreneur with a vision who would like to leverage our infrastructure, resources, experience, networks and funds to build and grow successful businesses can send their business plans in PowerPoint form or in a word document to

Those who are specifically seeking funding, should ensure that presentation includes the following 7 P’s and send it to along with the resumes of the founding team :

However, even if you don’t yet have a comprehensive business plan, we would be willing to work with you if we find the idea appealing or the entrepreneur convincing. Please note that we do not sign any NDAs at this initial stage so please share with us only that information that you feel comfortable sharing. If we are interested to learn more, we would be happy to discuss an NDA at that time.